Limecraft Transcriber


  • Advanced Search Options
  • Automatic transcription
  • Fast Editing
  • High Quality Export Possible
  • Import files
  • Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Markup quotes
  • Premium
  • Recommended by Professionals
  • Selfhosted Platform
  • Storyboarding

Limecraft Transcriber is a tool for “Computer Assisted Transcription”. Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Limecraft Transcriber turns interviews, speeches, news conferences and meetings into accurate transcripts. With an accuracy of 90% or more, the result is usually good enough to select those quotes you intend to use for editing or publication. In case you require a 100% accurate transcription, Limecraft Transcriber enables you to efficiently edit and modify the transcription. Used by journalists, documentary makers and archivists worldwide, Transcriber saves them 80% of the time required to turn audio into text. Contact for more information.

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