Field Recorder


  • Audio Controls
  • High Quality Export Possible
  • Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Perfect for teams & collaboration
  • Premium
  • Recommended by Professionals

Record phone calls, interviews, meetings, voice messages, dictation, eavesdropping with this Field Recorder.

From high-quality stereo recording to basic wide-band audio. Instantly after recording, send e.g. your interview to your broadcasting team or add a speech to the archive. Built-in and external microphones are supported and also ‘class-compliant’ USB soundcards with Android 5.

● Supports file overwrite and resume recording

● Convert your recordings to mp3, AAC or FLAC via free helper apps, share or send them

● Up to 90 seconds pre- and 4s post recording. You won’t miss any important stuff even if you are too late at the record button.

● High-precision stereo audio recording engine with various low-cut filters, minimum-phase shelving and parametric equalizers, and stereo balance correction e.g. to compensate for flaws of the microphones or optimize for speech. Also with recording booster, configurable limiters, soft clipping, and high-quality monitoring

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